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I started vaping in January of 2011 after smoking for many years. After i started, i had 2 more cigarettes and vaped full time. My first kit was a 510. i used it for about 3 months, just before the eGo was getting popular here in the USA. I was so impressed that the vaping was such a great alternative to smoking, I decided that i had to share it with friends and family.

Vaping or e-smoking is an alternative to smoking cigarettes. I would be lying if i said that i never wanted to smoke cigarettes again...i have had those thoughts...and trust me it is all in your head. Just tell yourself that you vape now..and think of all the money you save.

Do not do the "free trials" they are a rip-off. Same with the ones on TV....All they care about is making money...not you. Never vape in a place where it might offend someone. (they may think you're smoking a cigarette) E-mail me to discuss any aspect of vaping and how to succeed in switching.

Other sites charge up to $60 for a 510 kit and $100 for an ego kit...mine are $25 and $35 and shipped free. My 30ml bottle of E liquid is $13. Some sites charge up to $30 and then hit you for shipping too!


1. if you do not like the rules, do not play. my contest, my rules.

2. you must be 18 or older and a USA resident

3. ANY false information will exclude you from this and all other contests. no fake names, fake e-mails, phone numbers, etc.

4. you must be registered on the website.

5. if you win, i may use your first name and state you live in for announcing a winner.

6. you can earn additional entries for twitter follows and referring friends.